They thought they would never see their missing dog again, while he was in… prison!

In the United States, a hunting dog disappeared during an outing in the forest, remaining untraceable for several days. His owners searched for him tirelessly, unaware that he had taken up residence in a prison and that the inmates were taking care of him.

Soup is back with Leigh and Michael Parker several days after his getaway , as reported by the Washington Post .

On December 7, this friendly 3-year-old English Setter dog accompanied his master Michael in the woods in Montgomery , in the state of Alabama (southern United States). Letting himself be guided by his hunting instinct, the quadruped set off on a fragrant trail, probably that of a deer , to rush among the pecan trees and never reappear since.

Leigh and Michael Parker kept looking for him, without success. Until a prison warden called them to tell them that their dog was at his place of work, Kilby Prison in this case. The latter is located only a little over a km and a half from their home.

During Soup ‘s escape, his medal with his identity and the contact details of his owners had fallen . The prison staff therefore did not know who he was and welcomed him to the facility, where the inmates took very good care of him . They even gave him the best portions of their meals : roast beef, steak, chicken, peach cake… He played basketball with them in the yard and sympathized with the guard dogs.

Nevertheless, he ended up returning to the street , until Monday, December 9 in the early morning. At around 6 a.m. that day, he was indeed discovered lying near a car by Charles Brooks , an employee of a local factory. He gave him a cookie and the animal started following him around. The duo remained inseparable until the arrival of Michael Parker in front of the prison the two following day to recover it . The man cried with joy when he found his four-legged companion.

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