The fabulous reaction of Everest, a former stray dog, when he discovers the snow

Everest is not just the name of a mountain. It is also the one given to a dog rescued in the streets of Los Angeles in March 2018. A dog which, after having cared for and pampered, was given to a family in Oregon. In a state where snow was falling in abundance. And the animal’s reaction was not long in coming.

In March 2018, another rescue operation took place in the streets of Los Angeles . A city that unfortunately has thousands of stray dogs, homeless and abandoned to their sad fate. This time, the Hope for Paws organization was able to act in time.

She intervened immediately after a phone call . First arrival on the scene, Loreta Frankonyte has not been idle to find the trace of a large black dog of Newfoundland breed. An exhausted canine according to witnesses. It must be said that the heat already reigned in the region.

To draw him to her, Loreta used a cheeseburger . It didn’t take less. The animal was anxious , fearful and very stressed . Even more so when the caregiver tried to pass a leash . A successful passage. The first step in a long return to a more normal life.

He was made to live under the snow

Everest , as he was baptized, was able to take a bath on his return to the structures of the refuge . His first night he spent with Loreta . Her gentleness was remarkable . But if he got along wonderfully with adults and children alike , Everest was not entirely happy. “ We were worried that something was wrong ,” Loreta recalls worriedly.

In fact, his development was only complete once in his new family . Everest just needed to feel loved and wanted. What he was with his Oregon resident family. “ He saw the snow and felt at home. He was happy. I had never seen anything like it, ”says Loreta .

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Like what, Everest blends wonderfully into a landscape that looks like it.


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