To get his mom’s full attention, this dog is pretending to be hurt!

Chewie the bitch doesn’t really like being taken care of. She always wants to be the center of attention and has even developed her own tactic to ensure this: pretending to limp.

Dogs will always surprise us with their intelligence and sensitivity . The case of Chewie , told by The Dodo , is the perfect illustration of this .

Until she was 6 years old, this female Yorkshire Terrier led a miserable existence; she had been born in a mass breeding and remained all the time locked in a cage . After being released from this hell , she was found a family who gave her all the love she needed, that of Rikki Perez .

When Rikki and her grandmother took her in his arms, Chewie expressed his annoyance. But for some time now, she has expressed her desire to be in the foreground in a rather surprising way: she pretends to be injured in the leg and thus begins to limp .

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The first time around, Rikki thought she had really hurt herself, but after checking it out, it turned out she wasn’t. It was just a subterfuge to only take care of her. She has repeated her maneuver several times since. We can even see it in this funny video posted on Instagram:


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