A couple offers € 2,000 to the one who finds their two French Bulldogs lost for 2 weeks

Myriam Sadat / Facebook

For more than 2 weeks, an Aindinese family has been looking for their 2 dogs, who disappeared during a hike. Despite a great mobilization, the intervention of firefighters from the Grimp, the incessant calls on social networks and even a reward, canines remain untraceable. Their owners, however, remain hopeful.

The Sadats are doing everything they can to try to find their 2 dogs Olive and Narcos , but they have disappeared without a trace, as reported by Le Progrès .

These French Bulldogs , aged 10 and 3 respectively, vanished last November 22 while the family was hiking on the edge of a cliff on the Suerme plateau, near Argis in Ain.

Myriam and Damien carried out research on the scene, without result. They alerted the firefighters and a team from the Grimp moved, with no more success. Tracking dogs , a drone pilot, volunteers , a trapper and a local farmer also joined in the effort, as did locals .

Wanted notices have also been launched on the PetAlert 01 page and a Facebook group has been created, bringing together more than 420 members to date.

The Sadats want to continue to believe in it and put all their chances on their side, especially since their four-legged companions are both chipped . They disposed of their own clothes and food , hoping to attract them with the scent . The couple are also promising a reward of 2,000 euros to anyone who brings them back the dog and the bitch.

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They envision every possible and imaginable scenario, even the most dreaded, like falling off the cliff or theft with a view to reselling them illegally. All nevertheless hope for a happy outcome and the return of the quadrupeds unharmed.

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