Anxious, this bitch is ready to do anything to find her true friends!

A 3-year-old Pitbull female, Juno is distinguished by an atypical personality. Shy, she has never known the sweetness of a loving home. So much so that she did not hesitate to run away from her 2 other families. When the meeting with Kelly Tedford took place, something happened. She decides to adopt Juno.

Juno, a crossbreed Pitbull dog, was 3 years old when she was adopted by Kelly Tedford in 2017. The latter, originally from Vancouver, traveled to Seattle to pick up the quadruped. From the start, it was clear to Kelly that Juno was special. Runaway, the bitch had no notion of socialization. A victim of her former masters, she has a hard time getting together with her fellows and displays a certain hostility towards the new animals she meets.

In life, Kelly is a Dogsitter and breeder, so she has developed a certain know-how regarding the care of quadrupeds. The day of their first meeting it is with a lot of patience and perseverance that Kelly managed to gain the confidence of Juno. In a few hours and a few treats later a new duo was formed!

When for the first time, Kelly introduced her female Pitbull to her first two clients, two Labrador-Retriever , the bitch was stressed and anxious, to become hostile. The dog walker tried many calming tips for Juno , from pet therapy to herbal medicine, to no avail. In order to eliminate his anxiety disorders, a veterinarian prescribed him Prozac.

Under the influence of the medication, Juno began to calm down and his aggressive behavior subsided. Thus, she began to become friends with the other two dogs Callie and Blondie . It was no longer aggression, but love that emanated from his behavior. Excitement and joy could be read on her face when she saw them or smelled their scent.

Everything was going well for Juno when Kelly decided to move out and change jobs. She falls back into solitude and seems to have a hard time making new friends .

Her anxiety and lack of socialization prevented her from making new friends, so much so that the dog who had struggled to find new friends relapsed into loneliness and depression. Fortunately, its owner quickly figured out what to do and has since allowed Juno to reunite with his old friends.

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Even though she has to make long journeys , Kelly decided to take her female Pitbull to see her friends once in a while. When they meet, they take long walks and go for a swim in the nearby river. It seems that with her quite unique character , Juno values friendships very much and has a strong attachment to people who are close to her, even thousands of miles away.


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