Benefits of dog herbs

The therapeutic properties of Illustration : "Les bienfaits de la phytothérapie pour chien" and

plants have been used to treat humans and animals. Dog herbal medicine has become more and more successful in the past few years because it has many benefits. Plant active substances, minerals, enzymes and vitamins in different parts of plants serve the health of our four legged friends in different ways. Their natural characteristics, versatility and availability make them more and more popular with owners, But there are also some veterinarians trained in herbal medicine.


natural assets are more easily accepted by the dog’s body. What are the benefits of

dog herbal medicine? It is impossible to list them completely because they are too many. They are almost as many as human herbs. However, people may be interested in the main benefits of these plants to our loyal friends. The more acceptable natural asset of

dog’s body, the benefits of

dog herbal medicine are first related to the natural solutions it provides. Because drugs are based on plant elements, they are extracted directly from nature, so they are usually accepted by animal organisms.


come from plant leaves, corolla, roots, fruits or seeds, Assets used to treat various diseases that dogs may suffer from have no side effects. Of course, few people will follow the prescribed dose.

this is one of the main advantages of herbal therapy, rather than traditional or antagonistic drug therapy, which sometimes causes discomfort such as drowsiness, dizziness or indigestion. By the way, herbs cannot replace some drugs, especially those used to treat serious diseases. We also appreciate the versatility of

dog herb

. Each plant has one or more beneficial effects on dog health. On the other hand, some preparations that can be mixed to obtain symptom relief can play a role in many aspects.

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herbs, including its effects on the digestive system through plants such as turmeric and chickpea, which have a good control over vomiting, and blueberries, which are used to treat diarrhea in dogs.

for dogs lacking tension, elderberries or blackberries can be used, while for dogs who feel pain (especially joint pain), thymitis and meadow queen help naturally relieve pain.

The anti-inflammatory effects of cranberries and the antibacterial and antifungal properties of plants such as calendula and burdock should also be emphasized. The latter is used for dog skin care.

the benefits of dog herbal medicine are also related to the dog’s nervous system. Animals with stress and anxiety can relax through passion fruit. For example,


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low-cost care

therapy for dog osteoarthritisHerbs are usually cheap for dogs. This is also commendable.


plant care are easier to obtain because sometimes you can find them just by bending down. Some plants do grow around us. However, identification, correct use (understanding the indications of each drug) and the application of appropriate doses require minimal knowledge. “

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