Is an indoor kennel really useful?

Illustration : "Une niche d'intérieur pour chien est-elle vraiment utile ?"

OMLET Fido nook indoor niche 2 is made by OMLET company. It is an excellent furniture for you and your four legged animals. You can choose two different sizes: Fido 24, designed for small dogs, up to 20kg, Fido 36, Designed to accommodate large dogs weighing up to 40 kg. This furniture provides a safe and reliable niche for your dog and provides you with high-quality furniture. It allows your dog to have a permanent space at home, which helps to train a puppy or dog. When he is alone, he will feel anxious, or just give your pet a comfortable home. Many problems are related to the owner’s lack of internal niche. Is there enough solution? Choosing the indoor niche OMLET Fido nook 2 in 1 high-quality niche summarizes many problems related to the absence of the

owner. Several factors need to be considered: barking, crying, your dog attacking your furniture, personal belongings, or unclean when you leave alone. When the owner is away, the anxiety and loneliness of puppies or adult dogs are really good.

niche d'intérieur avec cage

internal niche, a sufficient solution?

this is why the use of indoor niches can solve these problems. It is at these moments that the OMLET Fido 2-in-1 niche plays an important role because it allows the dog to see the niche as his own space, a place where the dog feels safe where he can relax. You can also give him some toys or candy to keep him busy and wait patiently for the owner to go home.


use the OMLET Fido nook 2-in-1 niche to make it easier for the dog to train, because it will bring a certain structure to the dog’s life. Crate training is one of the most popular and effective education methods.


sleep is also a very important factor in the growth and development of puppies. It’s easier to clean the toilet because they realize that the box is their own and they won’t do anything in the box, so they will learn to restrain themselves naturally.

La niche Fido Nook sans cage

choose the indoor niche OMLET Fido nook 2 in 1

OMLET Fido nook 2 in 1 niche is a very good product with excellent design and durability. At first glance, you won’t believe a dog lives here, because the inner niche of OMLET Fido nook is perfectly integrated with your furniture, which allows the basket to be hidden in your room.

Le placard de rangement à côté de la niche pour chien

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enjoy OMLET’s videos here to show you the versatility and flexibility of the product through its removable cage. This allows you to safely take your dog to the car to avoid it distracting you. You can also choose to use it as a traditional crate or take it down when the dog is old. The OMLET Fido nook 2 in 1 niche provides a recognized home location for dogs. It is aesthetic and integrated as a piece of modern furniture, which doesn’t seem appropriate in a modern or more traditional house.

is a niche of

quality The material used is of good quality. The wardrobe that can be placed left and right is a very useful supplement to the niche, which can save a lot of time and concentrate all the basic elements of your dog in one place. This wardrobe keeps your home clean and tidy.Angie. There is even a range of accessories to increase your storage capacity. It’s incredible how many dog’s personal belongings rush into your home.

Le placard de rangement avec son miroir

there is a tray in the box, which makes it easier to collect and clean up possible accidents. The OMLET mattress also provides a removable machine wash cover.

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in conclusion

in short, you don’t have to realize you need it until you have a 2-in-1 OMLET Fido nook niche, Even your dog will thank you, won’t it, tiger? As long as you look at the photos, you can see that the adaptation was successful. The master is very happy! How does


buy Fido nook niche? You can buy it at OMLET online store with 10% discount, promotion code: woopets

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