Having a dog on your profile picture would increase your chances on dating apps like Tinder

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7 out of 10 Americans surveyed as part of a recent survey say they think having a dog on their profile picture helps them meet on specialized apps. Overall, the responses obtained during the study point in the same direction; the pet is an asset when looking for a soul mate.”

As part of a new survey conducted by the Honest Paws brand, 600 U.S. singles who use dating apps answered a series of questions about the role of their dogs in their gait.”

For 70% of respondents, being accompanied by a dog on the profile picture helps to get more matches, people reports. In other words, to find users with whom we can have affinities. 60% of them say they would be more attracted to a user with a dog on their profile picture.” Men, in particular, can be considered engaged and trustworthy when seen with a pet, says Samantha Ross, editor of the blog Romantific quoted by People to comment on these findings.

Which leads some to cheat to increase their chances of dating. 21% of Gen Z users (people born after 1997) and 24% of men surveyed acknowledge that they could go so far as to borrow a friend’s dog to show on their profile picture.”

A trick that does not pay off most of the time, however, since 64% of participants in this survey indicated that they would immediately cease any relationship with someone who lied about it.”

” The German Shepherd at the top of the favorite breeds of users of dating applications

The survey tells us, moreover, that the German Shepherd is the breed that users of dating applications prefer to find on profile photos. It is followed by the Pitbull, the Siberian Husky, the Labrador-Retriever and the Golden Retriever.”

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Finally, when asked to quote the best dating application, it is Tinder who comes out ahead with 29%. It is followed by Match (17%) and Bumble (13%).”

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