Maxi Zoo celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Academy and launches a new range of accessories for dogs and cats

Illustration : "Maxi Zoo fête les 10 ans de son Académie et lance une nouvelle gamme d’accessoires pour chien et chat" © Christophe Pouget

The Maxi Zoo pet store chain is one of the favorites of French pet owners, as evidenced by the Graines d’Or trophy awarded for the 3rd consecutive year. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of its Academy and sees the launch of a new range of eco-friendly products for dogs and cats.”

This year, Maxi Zoo celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Academy, where it trains its collaborators. A training center where future teams immerse themselves in the passion for pets and the commitment to offer the best service, which characterize the international brand. Maxi Zoo’s news is also the presentation of a brand new exclusive range of products for dogs and cats that want to be natural and eco-responsible: Naturally Good.”

The Maxi Zoo Academy blows out its 10th candle

To best serve the many dog and cat owners who regularly visit its stores, Maxi Zoo had decided to open its own Academy to train its employees. The latter was created in 2009 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.”

Since its foundation, the Maxi Zoo Academy has trained a total of 3694 salespeople, advisors and managers spread over the 181 French stores of the pet store chain. In a single year, 70 training modules are made available to new recruits and existing staff who are required to become familiar with new ranges or methods. In total, the 3 trainers provided 68,563 hours of training to nearly 3700 employees.”

The trainers Laurent, Sylvain and Guillaume follow the evolution of the employees very closely by making weekly tours in the Maxi Zoo pet stores.”

Why does the company rely so much on the training and monitoring of its teams? Because Maxi Zoo wants to ensure that all of its employees are happy in their respective positions and that they put their expertise at the service of dog and cat owners. Sylvain Peillot, one of maxi Zoo’s trainers, assures us: “our only conviction is to meet the expectations of our customers and prevent them from leaving our stores with a feeling of frustration or an unsuitable product”. A commendable conviction that undoubtedly contributes to customer loyalty.

As proof Maxi Zoo and its Academy have been awarded the Graines d’Or 2018/2019 trophy in the category Favorite sign of the French for their purchases of products in pet stores, and this, for the 3rd year in a row with a panel of 20 French consumers.”

That’s not all; the Best Brand 2019 label was also awarded to Maxi Zoo by Capital magazine for the quality of its services in pet stores.”

” A new range of Naturally Good accessories designed with natural materials soon available

Parallel to this event that are the 10 years of existence of its Academy, Maxi Zoo launches a new range of accessories for dogs and cats, called Naturally Good.”

These are toys, baskets, necklaces, leashes and other bowls that stand out not only for their quality, but also for their eco-responsible character. These new Naturally Good accessories are, in fact, made with natural and renewable materials. Enough to preserve the health and well-being of animals while helping to safeguard the environment.”

In addition, part of the revenue generated from the sale of Naturally Good products will be donated to the Plant-for-the-Planet program, which fights against global warming and encourages children to plant as many trees as possible around the world. The goal for Maxi Zoo and Plant-for-the-Planet is to reach the figure of 10,000 trees planted in a single year.”

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Among the dozens of models (nearly 70) constituting the new Naturally Good range, you can, for example, get a small organic cotton basket at 44.99 €. Or a ceramic bowl of 700 ml at 12.99 €. You can also offer your cat a bird-shaped toy made of organic cotton for €5.99. You will please your companion, think about his health and help build a better world for future generations.”

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