Play-Dogs, an application for good plans walks with your dog

Illustration : "Play-Dogs, une application pour les bons plans promenades avec votre chien"

Discover new places to walk your dog, know the characteristics of the courses and form dog walking groups… The possibilities offered by the Play-Dogs mobile app are of great use to dog owners.”

Outings are essential for the balance and well-being of the dog. For them to be truly beneficial, they must first be long enough. It is also important that they are varied in order to offer him as many opportunities as possible to be stimulated and to meet other individuals, whether they are congeners, humans or other animals.”

The creator of the Play-Dogs app is himself a dog owner, so he is perfectly aware of these necessities. So he imagined it by taking into account the needs of the quadruped on this level at the same time as those of the master in terms of relevance of information and ease of use.”

Totally free, which can be used in France, Belgium and Switzerland, the Play-Dogs application offers more than one interesting feature:

A map of walks, with precise indications

An interactive map to organize walks with your dog with ease. You will find outings, routes and sites, as well as useful information about them. This ranges from places where access to dogs is allowed to those where they can be walked without a leash, through dangerous roads, obstacles or water points. This information is constantly enriched and updated thanks to the collaborative nature of the map, since it is animated by users.”

Notifications of news and suggestions

The app also sends you notifications to alert you to new routes and places of outing, ideas and suggestions about your area. You have the opportunity to be informed quickly and will be able to program the walks of your 4-legged companion with all the useful data in hand.”

” Getting closer to other dog owners

Play-Dogs, it is also an increasingly large community of dog owners, in which you can get to know each other to exchange and organize outings in groups. The app allows you to set them up as you like.”

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The Play-Dogs app is free to download from the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.”

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