A woman avoids the worst for her dog who was about to eat kibble mined with rusty screws

Emma Pulford /Facebook

While walking her dogs, a woman was lured by one of them to a handful of kibble left in the grass and mixed with sharp, rusty metal objects. For this resident of the Liverpool area, the person who did this clearly intended to kill canids.”

Sooty was narrowly saved by his mistress. This 2-year-old dog, whom Emma Pulford had adopted from a shelter, almost swallowed sharp and rusty screws and pieces of metal, liverpool Echo reported on Wednesday, April 7.

The 31-year-old was walking Sooty and her other dog, a 7-year-old Dachshund named Benny, not far from her home in Gateacre, a suburb of Liverpool. Sooty then started pulling on his leash. Something in the grass was irresistibly attracting him.”

When the trio approached it, Emma Pulford discovered with horror that it was a pile of trapped kibble. It was well mixed and hidden. Pieces of metal and rusty screws, details the interested party, who just had time to pull her dog back. Otherwise, Sooty would probably have eaten the deadly mixture.”

An obviously deliberate act, targeting dogs and foxes

Emma Pulford immediately brought her dogs home, before returning to the scene to pick up kibble, screws and metal tips to prevent any other animal from swallowing them.”

For the owner of Sooty and Benny, the act was obviously deliberate, it was not accidental.”

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She shared the story and photos on Facebook to call on the other dog owners in the neighborhood to be vigilant. Dogs are not the only animals at risk of suffering serious injuries or even losing their lives because of such traps; a person who reacted to Emma Pulford’s post told her that foxes live in the area.”

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