Dog rushed to vet after accidentally eating hook

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Good times can turn into a nightmare in seconds. In Dundee, a town in the north-east of Scotland, Darren Gordon and his dog Luna had the scare of their lives. While walking on the beach, the animal was seriously injured with a hook.

The owner of the 3-year-old Husky was sitting on a wall watching his 4-legged friend have fun, when the tragedy arose. “ I heard her bite into something and I ran to see what she was holding,Darren Gordon told the Daily Record . First assuming it was a crab, the Scotsman was stunned to find a fishing line hanging from Luna’s mouth. The latter accidentally bit a 4 cm hook, which sank into her jaw.

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Surgery was required to remove the hook

Darren tried to remove the metal hook from the canine’s lower lip. In vain. When he realized that his gesture could cause more harm than good to Luna by tearing her mouth, the man decided to take her urgently to a veterinary clinic. Before that, a passer-by helped the duo by cutting the fishing line about three feet, with a Swiss army knife. “ She would put her paw on it and try to free it, which could have done more damage,Darren said.

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The female Husky was quickly taken care of by the caretakers. The hook was carefully removed with a scalpel, while the bitch was sedated. The wound was then stitched up. “ This is my first time to take Luna to the vet ,” said the owner, “it was a pretty scary experience, but the staff at Vets Nows have been great. After this terrible ordeal, Luna is on the mend.

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Luna’s owner warns other owners to be on the lookout for hooks


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