After the wave of adoptions, one in four new owners would consider giving up their new pet in the UK!

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Dogs victims of their success during the health crisis in the United Kingdom? With deconfinement, UK shelters expect to have to deal with a record number of abandoned dogs, as many new owners have signaled their intention to abandon their companions.

Across the Channel, where the Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard, the confinement has led many families to turn to the adoption of dogs to break the isolation and fill their free time.

A dramatic increase in demand that has given rise to worrying trends such as the rise in pet theft. Another expected and feared phenomenon after this rush on dogs for adoption, abandonment is likely to reach unprecedented levels in the coming period.

As reported by , in fact, one in four canine owners intend to part with their dog in the United Kingdom. This is what emerges from a survey carried out online from April 6 to 9, with 2002 British masters. A survey conducted by Atomik Research for the pet food brand Burns Pet Nutrition .

Owners who had probably not understood the implications of adoption and the commitment that this represents: learning, care, food, walks, interactions, education …

The consequences of insufficient education and socialization are feared

Moreover, with the deconfinement that is gradually beginning, the shortcomings from which the dogs have suffered, particularly in terms of education and socialization, are likely to appear as they meet. Moreover, among the people questioned, 35% admit to fearing incidents of biting from their dog when coming out of confinement.

In a country where the number of homes with a dog has increased from 9 to 12 million during the Covid-19 pandemic, the massive abandonments to be expected greatly worry associations and shelters.

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Will these structures be able to cope with an influx of dogs that are no longer wanted? Some are already clearly in difficulty. The Border Collie Spot is one of them. For its founder Gil White , quoted in the press release presenting the results of the survey, the situation is difficult and will only get worse: “ The number of dogs returned to us has reached unprecedented levels. When the last restrictions […] are lifted on June 21, we expect […] canine owners will flock to bring their dogs back ”.

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