20 adorable photos of dogs addicted to their cardboard boxes

Dogs can have a favorite cardboard box too. This is what these photos prove.

Like cats, some dogs set their sights on a cardboard box and declare it private property. What’s more, for them it is a cozy little corner of their own, where they can quietly sit and sleep.

Here are 20 photos of dogs who love their cardboard boxes.

1. Dogs rallying to claim their right to a cardboard box

2. His owners put the box on the table so that the dog feels close enough to them.

3. A suitcase transformed into a cozy bed for the puppy and his stuffed animal

4. He wants to catch up with his toy, but without moving from his box

5. This dog’s cardboard box also has a lid.

6. If someone is looking for them, he will know where to find them.

7. The box is not big enough to lie in, but this young Bernese Mountain Dog likes it anyway.

8. Social distancing is respected among the dogs in their boxes

9. An adorable Golden Retriever dozing in its cardboard box

10. A puppy and his stuffed piglet

11. A beautiful Boxer dog sitting in his box and ready to receive all his appointments

12. 2 friends playing in their cardboard fortress

13. Relaxing afternoons for this big dog in his box

14. It is so small that it fits in the smallest boxes it finds.

15. As for this dog, it does not really fit in the small boxes.

16. With its cardboard box, journeys are more bearable for this dog who is afraid of cars.

17. An adorable dog in a laundry basket

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18. This cat and this dog take turns using the box. Here is the cat telling the dog its turn has come

19. Obviously, he took a long nap in his box

20. He wants to go shopping if he can take his box


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