Dog shearing machine

Illustration : "La tondeuse pour chien"

here are some tips to help you choose the right mower for your dog if you think you can mow by yourself. Otherwise, it’s best to hand over this difficult task to a professional beautician.


why do you cut a dog? How to choose a dog shearing machine? How to use the mower correctly?

mowing is an operation that requires the least skills and knowledge. In fact, you should not only know how to use it correctly, but also master the particularity of animal species (standard, hair type, mowing frequency, etc.). That’s why this kind of care is usually done by professional beauticians.

but when you have the necessary skills, you can deal with it yourself at home. The choice of lawn mower is a decision that needs to consider several aspects. Using it requires some precautions. Let’s see how we choose the right model and how to use it correctly.

why do we cut some dogs?

mowing is a beauty care that must be used for different types of dogs and for various reasons. Some breeds, such as poodles and Yorkshire dogs, are going through this stage because it is to meet their standards. Among the subjects preparing to participate in exhibitions and competitions, mowing is regarded as an obligation and is usually the responsibility of a beautician.

mowing is also a form of annual maintenance of dog clothes. It can remove some parts of the animal’s body, such as eyes and ears. Our goal is to improve the comfort of dogs and prevent infection that may affect these areas.

dog shearing also helps to prevent fur nodules, mainly in long haired breeds. “How does

choose a dog shearing machine?

mower is a huge investment, but if it is a high-quality model, it will take a long time, even the life of a dog. In fact, neat equipment must be given priority. Their prices vary widely, ranging from 70 euros to hundreds of euros. The template designed for professionals costs up to 400 euros.

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, we must be careful with cheap lawn mowers, such as 30 euro lawn mowers, because they will soon prove defective, even harmful to dogs and have a real risk of injury. In addition to the price and quality of the equipment, you can also choose according to the dog’s hair type. The latest models of packaging usually provide clear guidance on this point. If not, you can always ask your veterinarian for advice.

you will also choose a less noisy model so that you won’t scare the dog. In fact, it’s best to let him know when he is very young (voice, not scissors, of course). In order to get more freedom of movement, we can choose a wireless lawn mower. However, before you start using it, you must ensure that the battery is fully charged.


are on the hoof side, and the choice depends on the length of the hair: the longer the hair, the greater the number of hoofs to choose. Finally, for the blade, we prefer the upright design, which can work faster, especially for dogs who are difficult to keep calmI’ll do well. Long haired dogs must mow with professional mowers, while short haired dogs can mow with basic (but not low-end) models. How does

correctly use dog mowers? Kdsps must be carefully cleaned, dried and untied before cutting your dog. When you pass under the lawn mower, any knot will cause serious damage to the animals. In addition, they may eventually lead to equipment failure.

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the dog’s position, standing on the table while cutting grass, It is also important to keep his head flat, especially stationary, to avoid wrong movements that may hurt him or lead to wrong hair cutting.

dogs can start hair cutting, paying special attention to prominent and sensitive areas: face, ears, legs, Joints. Cutting should not be excessive to avoid damaging the protective effect of stripping. Finally, you must always cut in the direction of your hair.

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