Sex and mating in dogs

The passage to the act is particular in the dog. The coupling follows a precise course. It can only take place when certain conditions are met. Which ones? What are the stages? How should we act? We give you some indications. Sexual cycle, sterilization, gestation, heat or hormonal cycle, these are important concepts that would be useful to know.

Although dog sexuality is a natural process, it may still require some attention from you and sometimes some decision-making for the well-being of your companion. Male or female , the sexual cycle is not the same at all.

The sexual drive exists in all living beings. The dog is no exception. After her development, your dog will develop her first heat. The same goes for your male dog.

As with humans, everything starts with an encounter. The chance of life. The dog and the bitch sniff each other out. Seduction operates. The male dog will feel the bitch’s rump to see if she is in heat (Oestrus). This is the sine qua non for copulation.

Heat in the female

In a year, a female generally experiences 2 periods of heat . The first time in her life, it occurs between the age of 6 months and the age of 15 months (it depends on the breed). This heat usually lasts between 2 and 3 weeks . There are 3 essential things to know:

  • The first heat should not be interrupted at the risk of your dog catching infections
  • Although fertile from the first heat, it is preferable to wait at least the age of 2 and a half years for the first litter of your bitch; a certain maturity being essential for it to assume its young.
  • There is no age limit for heat, so your dog can mate and have babies even if she is very old. However, it is not recommended to let your bitch mate after 6 years . This age represents an average and varies from breed to breed, as life expectancies are different.

Note that, in certain cases of heat at risk , it is necessary to consult a veterinarian :

  • Heats that last more than 21 days
  • Too frequent heat (less than 4 months apart)
  • Heats too far away (more than 8 months apart)
  • Non- existent heat

To know if your bitch is in heat , you must check that she has thicker vulvar discharge and a yellowish-white color. The estrous cycle only takes place twice a year , and lasts an average of twenty days.

To become fertile, the bitch must wait until her vulvar discharge turns white. Its receptivity is seen when its tail deflects sideways as soon as you touch the perineum area.

The rut in the male

In contrast, a male gets horny when he is in the presence of a female in heat. It therefore has no predictable cycles. In the male, it is better, for a question of hormones and the quality of sperm, to wait until he reaches the age of 10 to 15 months for his first mating .

Mating is ideally done when the female is ovulating, namely between the 11th and 15th day of heat.

Mating or mating: how to choose the right partner?

If you are raising a male and a female, things should be done naturally. Otherwise, it will be necessary to carry out a projection : this consists in choosing the ideal partner (s) for your 4-legged companion. The choice takes into account several criteria, the most important of which are breed , size and the absence of communicable diseases .

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Finally, a dog or bitch is not required to have a sex life, mate or give birth. For this, there are several possible choices, including castration (for the male) or sterilization (for the female).

Play before copulation

When all the conditions are right for a mating, the dog and bitch turn around. They have fun, play . The bitch assesses the strength of her companion. When she accepts the male, she stops and presents her vulva , raises the rump . The penetration of the male is thus facilitated.

An experienced dog will cover in less than a minute, with the front pasta well placed on the bitch’s sides. On the other hand, if your male is somewhat new to the exercise, the first few attempts may be unsuccessful and last for several hours.

Ejaculation and knotting

Namely, the penis will not be fully erect until it is fully introduced. Then, the male performs a few jerky movements of the pelvis. Sometimes the female accompanies him in this movement. This is when the bulb of the glans becomes erect. It usually expands up to 8 cm. Therefore, the 2 animals are tied. It is impossible to separate them. This knotting period lasts about fifteen minutes . It is important not to forcibly separate them to avoid the protrusion not being complete, and also to avoid a fracture of the bone present in the dog’s penis.

Concerning the ejaculation of the dog itself, it takes place in three stages. A first from the penetration. This ejaculate usually does not contain a large number of sperm. The second is done less than a minute later. Then the last step takes place during the knotting period. Hence the importance of leaving the two lovers coupled until the end.

What to do on your side?

You will observe them from afar. Keep an eye out for them, however. It is important to watch them in order to prevent them from injuring themselves during the projection, during the tying phase. Again, do not separate them after the act is prima facie over. This could result in vaginal bleeding or a fractured pelvic bone in males.

At the end of copulation, the two animals lick each other’s genital regions respectively. A brief lick. The dog recalots. For her part, the bitch should observe a period of calm the following days. Whether she is fertile or not.

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Canine contraception, castration and sterilization: choice or obligation?

It all depends on your case. You may be worried about experiencing these heat, the stress of breeding and / or giving birth several times in your pet’s life. This may prompt you to opt for the medical solution , in consultation with your veterinarian.

Contraception is a hormone-based drug method that prevents you from having litters. These are injections which have the advantage of not having irreversible effects. Be careful not to abuse it, however, at the risk of catching infections in your female.

In return, castration and sterilization are surgical operations and their effects are final . These methods have the advantage of eliminating infections and reducing the risk of tumors. There will always be pros and cons, you are the sole judge of your dog’s best interests. The only obligation is when there is a medical indication for surgery (dogs suffering from certain diseases, collected in the street, guides for the blind). </p

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