Abandoned, it only took a few taste buds for this bitch to understand that her life was going to change

For almost a year, Mina lived her life in the heart of a public pound in Romania . In January, she was saved by a local organization. His condition was worrying. A few weeks later, the treatments take their course. The now-dog ex-puppy is gaining more and more confidence in herself and those around her, waiting to have a loving home for the rest of her life.

Watching Mina’s video gives you chills. The way in which she receives the tender gestures of the rescuers of Howl of a Dog can be tender, touching. See her shake like that also confers a feeling of sadness mixed with relief . Because this way of reacting shows a real happiness to feel loved, pampered , when one has just gone through hell.

Between malnutrition and skin infections

However, Mina was lucky, in her misfortune, to come across people devoted to the animal cause . To hers. The care provided is bearing fruit. The organization assures her, “ she is better, she eats well and her weight has almost doubled ”. Treatments , especially against scabies , have not yet been completed. Nevertheless, she can now learn to live as a full-fledged dog.

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Soon available for adoption

Mina is an adorable dog, very friendly with her fellows despite her shyness. She’s gaining confidence a little bit every day . “Promised, she should soon be ready for adoption . This is not yet the case, until the treatment is finished. Then, the time will come to make a family happy. His, too and above all. Mina could join the United States or even Canada or any other European country. A simple email to this address, and you may have the pleasure of welcoming a bitch who simply wants a warm home where to live in harmony with her master.


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