Natural therapy for dog worms

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are essential to fight against dog worms. These internal parasites can hinder the growth of puppies and cause adult dogs to get sick. Not to mention, some diseases caused by them can be transmitted to humans. How to eliminate them in a natural way?

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makes dog worms: a basic behavior of saving pumpkin seeds against dog worms, the worm effect of diatomite carrots, Dog’s allies to worms pumpkin seeds and yucca seeds aromatherapy eliminates various parasites of the dog worm

and settles on the dog, causing more or less damage to the dog’s body. Worms wreak havoc in his stomach and intestines, and he must fight them without hesitation. In addition to the insect repellents provided by pharmacies, there are some natural substitutes.

insect repellent dog: a basic rescue behavior,

worm is the main internal parasite of dogs. They grow in the digestive tract of animals and cause various health problems.

these gastrointestinal worms may interfere with the growth of puppies. In adults, they can cause digestive disorders, leading to vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal gas. Dogs infected with worms can also lose weight significantly.


, but the danger is not just the animals themselves; Some parasites, such as Toxoplasma canis, can spread to humans and cause toxoplasmosis.

eggs, larvae or adults must be systematically removed from dogs. For this purpose, puppies aged 2 to 8 months were treated with insect repellent once a month and then once a year. If dogs live in rural areas, they must be treated twice a year.

pharmacies provide different forms of insect repellents: tablets, syringes, pipettes, oral paste… However, natural methods can be selected to fight dogs’ gastrointestinal worms.

Pumpkin seeds against the dog worm

pumpkin seeds are one of the most commonly used natural alternatives to insect repellents. They are considered to be effective against worms because they weaken their bodies.

in order to use pumpkin seeds as a natural insect repellent for dogs, it is recommended to grind 5 seeds a day and add them to the animal’s diet.

are treated for one week.

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Diatomite is extracted from mineral rocks mined in natural quarries without chemical transformation. It is a kind of edible diatomite, called “amorphous”, which can be used with dogs instead of calcination.

it is famous for its insecticidal effect, so it is used to kill gastrointestinal worms in dogs.

only need to be diluted in a small amount in water, The mixture was added to the dog’s food for 2 weeks. The recommended dose for


small dogs is 1 teaspoon. For a medium-sized to large dog, it only has one tablespoon a day.

carrots, fight against worms with dogs.

carrots can help the dog’s body expel gastrointestinal worms. “The trick of

” and

is to add some small fragments (one carrot per day or half a carrot per dog) in the food of dogs.

pumpkin seeds and yucca seeds

, as described above, pumpkin seedsWorms are terrible for dogs. Its function can be related to the function of Yucca seeds.


can be reduced to powder and mixed together: 2 parts of pumpkin seeds and 1 part of Yucca seeds.


can be added to dog food: 1 teaspoon per 500 grams of food. It can last for 5 days.

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aromatherapy removes dog worms

some essential oils can fight dog gastrointestinal worms. This is true of cinnamon (30 drops), oregano (15 drops), tea tree (20 drops) and Roman chamomile (10 drops). Dilute it in 60 drops of wheat germ vegetable oil.

pour the mixture into a dropper. Add 4 drops per 10 kg of body weight to the dog’s food every day. Puppies under one year old once a month and adult dogs twice a year

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