Is my dog dominated or dominated?

Illustration : "Mon chien est-il dominé ou dominant ?"

historically, dogs are social animals that live in groups and have a very precise hierarchical organization. Every member of the group has his own status, a dominant person and a dominant person.


the dominant dog

today, our pets maintain the same instinct among humans, but they become confused because of our sometimes bossy and sometimes good friend behavior… Therefore, there may be behavioral barriers between excessive fear (domination) and excessive authority (domination).

dominate the dog.

dominate the dog is the result of primitive instinct, especially the owner’s behavior. This kind of dog wants to rule all its kind and family members.

the behavior of a dominant dog is characterized by extensive freedom, such as sleeping on the sofa and eating with you. Once this happens, the situation becomes complex, but not irreversible. If you want to make some rules, dogs may become irritable or even aggressive. It is important to instill rules from an early age, even if it is not impossible to educate adult dogs.

how to educate a dominant dog?

to regain control, you must set the rules of behavior that your dog must abide by.

you must define:

receives suggestions from woopets through a registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about where and when to eat (never close to or at the same time with you) where to eat (outside your room) a place in your home where you are prohibited or allowed to relax or hug at your convenience and initiative “”“ Finally, don’t be the only one who imposes these rules on your dog. Your whole environment, even children, should be like you and your partner. As a roommate, the goal is to set a fixed rule for people and dogs and establish a healthy grade balance. E. A reassuring driving environment for dogs.

dominates the dog

Some dogs are naturally afraid. Dominated dogs develop a sense of fear, which usually depends on their experience. There are many reasons for this fear, such as loneliness, severe punishment, some veterinary practices, and even the sound of a storm. These fears are usually manifested in the dog’s escape, from urinary incontinence to bite. So, how to deal with these fears?

how to treat the fear of dominated dogs?

The best solution is to find out the root cause of fear and reward your dog if he acts calmly in the face of fear. This technology is called “desensitization”.

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Forget to take aggressive or harsh measures against a frightened dog. This behavior will only increase your animal’s anxiety. The main purpose is to restore your animal’s confidence. In extreme cases, the veterinarian may prescribe it or provide special education courses. Let the dog overcome his fear.

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