Injured puppy found in trash, owner identified and pursued

Gendarmerie des Côtes d’Armor / Facebook

The man who had thrown a young dog in a garbage container in Guingamp was found by the Côtes-d’Armor gendarmerie. Injured to the eye and head, the puppy is in foster care and is doing well. The man will be prosecuted.

On April 15 in Guingamp (22), a passer-by discovered a puppy a few weeks old in a dumpster , after hearing moans coming from the latter. The animal was in a garbage bag . The young dog had one eye gouged out and had another head injury .

Facts reported 3 days later by L’Echo de l’Argoat . The article in question had led an investigator from the Côtes-d’Armor gendarmerie to work on this sad affair. The military’s efforts paid off.

The gendarme has, in fact, succeeded in identifying the owner of the bitch 2 weeks after the facts, as indicated by 20 Minutes and a Facebook post from the Costarmorican constabulary. She adds that the individual will be the subject of legal proceedings , because he had not only abandoned the quadruped and thrown in the trash, but he had, in addition, not bothered to treat it . The injuries suffered by the little dog would have been caused by a fellow creature.

The investigation also revealed that the respondent had recovered the dog from a neighbor, where she had been born .

For its part, the canine has been entrusted to a foster family and is in good health .

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