Dog depression

Illustration : "La dépression chez le chien"

our dogs are also depressed because of stress, anxiety, disorientation or feeling neglected. How to identify the symptoms of dog depression? How to help his dog become better

abstract the main causes of depression in

dogs. How do the most common symptoms help his dog get rid of this depression?

do you think only humans can develop depression? Please remember: our pets will also be affected, especially our dogs. In fact, our four legged friends may experience depression for a variety of reasons. Dog depression is not always easy to decipher, but it can be driven away due to the close attention of its owner. Taking drugs at the same time can improve this situation. The main cause of depression in

dogs. There are many potential causes of depression in

dogs. They are determined by various factors, such as the dog’s environment, personality or family. Stressed dogs quickly become depressed. It is usually an event that causes stress and anxiety at home, which will disturb the dog’s living environment, signs or habits.

owner’s disappearance, long absence, arrival of new members (humans or animals), moving, Less and less attention, less and less going out or shorter time, deprivation and depression are all factors that may make dogs fall into depression. The most common symptom of

is that the performance of depression in

dogs is not obvious. Changes in dog behavior were observed. If an animal is an independent natural person, trying to isolate itself will not cause the owner’s concern. On the other hand, if he does this more frequently and for longer than usual, he can consider the possibility of depression.

dogs with depression may no longer respond to game invitations. He would rather stay in the corner, looking sad and depressed. He may lose his appetite and show less enthusiasm when walking. In some cases, shyness and fear may develop into destructive or even aggressive behavior.

these symptoms may not be caused by depression, but by another disease. Therefore, it is necessary to take her to the veterinarian for accurate diagnosis and care.

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is a depressed dog. It needs more attention and love from its owner. Games, brushing teeth, hugging and outings help to improve his emotional state, let him relax and enjoy, and strengthen contact at the same time. In addition to the master, the family must also care about him.

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The main objective remains to identify the causes of depression and take action against them.

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