Dog abandonment did not stop at Christmas

Animal Protection / Facebook

Sadly, there has been no Christmas truce when it comes to pet abandonment. Among them, many dogs found themselves without families overnight. The associations do what they can to take them in and find new homes for them.

Three quarters of pets abandoned in France during holiday periods are dogs . Those of this winter, corresponding to the end of year celebrations , unfortunately brought their share of stories of abandoned quadrupeds.

In some cases, these are puppies or older dogs offered at Christmas , but which ultimately were not to the taste of the recipients, who simply abandoned them. In others, it is families who, when going on vacation , have preferred to get rid of their animals rather than turn to one of the childcare solutions: dog sitter , boarding , etc.

France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur cites the example of poor Inouk , a young Border Collie cross bought in a pet store before Christmas, then abandoned a few days later. The Cute Fangs Tribe said about her, via her Facebook page, that many people had contacted her with the aim of adopting her . The association assured that it would choose the best possible family for the puppy, so that this bad experience does not repeat itself.

There was also talk of an abandoned dog on the A501 motorway , between Aix-en-Provence and Aubagne . The canine was attached to the fence by means of a carabiner. The tie was so short that it was impossible for him to lie down . He was finally entrusted to a refuge in Cabriès .

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This is just a tiny glimpse of the magnitude of the phenomenon that occurs with each phase of the vacation. Can we hope for a less sad outcome in a few months, as summer approaches?

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