Electric dog necklace

Illustration : "Le collier électrique pour chien"

electric dog necklace has its supporters, but it also has more and more critics. As an indispensable training tool for some people, it is considered dangerous and counterproductive to those who encourage and prohibit it from entering dog education. The risk of physical and psychological sequelae is more inclined to positive

education. Even today, too many dog owners and educators use different electric or electronic necklaces to train dogs. They think these devices are auxiliary tools for training. At the same time, more and more experts have sounded an alarm about these devices, emphasizing their potential harm to the physical and mental health of dogs. What is an electric dog collar? What are the risks?

what is an electric dog collar?

actually has different types of electric or electronic dog necklaces. Some models, anti barking necklaces, are thought to prevent dogs from barking repeatedly. Others are designed to remind the dog to keep order when it is too far from the predefined circumference (usually about 2km, which is more important for vehicles equipped with GPS).

anti barking necklace, for example, Triggered when an animal barks by detecting vocal cord vibration. Then they issued some kind of beep as a warning. If the dog barks again, the device will emit electrostatic stimulation (or slight electric shock, depending on whether it supports or opposes these devices) to stop the animal barking.

, no matter what type of electric collar is used, You can’t ignore their potential impact on the health and psychological status of dogs.

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. Many experts explicitly oppose the use of dog’s electric necklace when training dogs. Their arguments are substantive, and the principles of prevention and respect for animals have prompted them to believe in


, whether electrostatic stimulation or other terms, The signals sent by these devices are still electronic or even electrical. Now nothing can let us completely eliminate their danger. It’s hard to believe that dogs wearing electrical appliances for hours have no effect on their health.

in addition, when electrical appliances are of poor quality or fail, It may cause physical injury, such as burns and other injuries. When they cause some form of stress on dogs, they may also be psychological.


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to emphasize positive education. The

electric necklace is based on the punishment principle of training dogs, It is completely contrary to the principles on which active canine education is based. The latter seems to be more effective, but it emphasizes encouraging and motivating animals. By congratulating and rewarding the dog, the dog shows some fun, not coercion. “

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