Stuck for 5 days in a car rim: a dog’s ordeal ends thanks to the salutary operation of veterinarians

Thanks to the joint intervention of firefighters and vets, a dog who had his head stuck in a rim for days was finally released. He continues to recover from his mishap in a shelter. As soon as he is well, he can be offered for adoption and begin his new life.

Pickle is finally free ! It had been 5 days since this poor dog had his head trapped in a car rim, as reported by I Love My Dog So Much . No one knows how he got there, but what matters is that he is now out of danger .

The man who had discovered him in this state, in Angleton in the State of Texas, tried to rescue him , in particular by coating him with oil. However, his efforts were not enough to end the canine’s ordeal. He could only give him food and water, while waiting for the arrival of the help he called.

First Sergeant Kelly Russell of the local Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office arrived. He couldn’t do anything either. The situation was becoming more and more critical , as Pickle’s head was already quite swollen .

He was taken to a veterinary clinic , where animal caregivers and Missouri City firefighters worked together to get him out of this mess. They first put him to sleep , then proceeded to cut the rim with a hacksaw.

Finally released, the dog, whose estimated age is one and a half years, was treated and entrusted to the shelter of the Three Little Pitties All Breed Rescue association .

It is still there today and continues to recover from it. He will soon be joining a foster family . As soon as his state of health permits, he may be offered for adoption .

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