Croquetteland and Paw Patrol team up to educate children about animal welfare and responsible ownership

Croquetteland, a French online premium food and pet accessories company, organized an event dedicated to the next generation of owners of cats, dogs and other furballs. The day was punctuated by the private screening of the film La Pat’Patrouille , discussions and workshops with professionals in the sector.

It’s a fact: 6 out of 10 French people own at least one cat or dog. The benefits of our 4-legged companions, especially for children , are well established.

They contribute to their educational and social development, promote their autonomy and self-esteem , provide them with emotional support , strengthen their sense of responsibility and boost their physical activity .

True sources of well-being , pets preserve a certain family balance . It is for this reason that Croquetteland promotes the education of the youngest in responsible possession . To do this, the Lyon-based company has teamed up with the film La Pat’Patrouille .

A plea in favor of animal welfare for the younger generations

A kit containing Paw Patrol products

But who is behind the Paw Patrol ? A happy bunch of fearless dogs, of course! Chase , Ruben , Ryder , Skye and their friends are on a mission to stop Mister Hellinger , mayor of Aventureville , who is none other than their biggest rival. Equipped with a host of gadgets and other modern tools, the courageous Paw Patrol swings into action and reaches out to tormented citizens.

The film was screened in a private screening on Saturday September 11. As a result of this partnership, Croquetteland has developed a new kit (limited edition).

It contains 6 Paw Patrol and Croquetteland products for dogs. In particular, children will have the pleasure of discovering a set of 7 cards with tips and advice on how to become exemplary pet owners.

Paw Patrol and Croquetteland Kit, limited edition, € 9.99

Professional advice to help animals thrive

The children were also treated to discussions with veterinarians Croquetteland, a Dog Dancing demonstration Laura and Koda (aka MistrKoda) as well as workshops led by Chloe Fesch.

The canine educator and behaviorist from Canidélite , a company specializing in dog education, behavior, sports and recreation, shared little practical tips with her young audience. The latter learned to approach an unknown dog and to recognize the animal’s emotions. Several safety rules were also recalled.

Through these highlights, flitting between teaching, games and entertainment, Croquetteland helps owners and future owners take care of their furry friends. By getting involved in this way, the firm also tends to make pets happier on a daily basis.

To discover the Paw Patrol and Croquetteland kit, visit the company’s online store.

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