A man drives for 6 days and travels 4,500 kilometers to adopt the dog he fell in love with!

A dog was going to be euthanized. His savior travels the whole country to save him.

Mario Rodriguez is a Pit Bull lover. In his house in California, he lives with his wife and their 2 Pitbull dogs, Cooper and Angel . One day, he learns that a dog from Animal Care Centers of NYC is planning to euthanize Hockery , a 2-year-old Pitbull.

His heart tells him that his mission is to travel as many miles as there are between California and New York and rescue the dog .

Rodriguez spoke with his employer about his plan. The latter was understanding and even arranged the trip and the vehicle that would take Rodriguez to his new friend.

Rodriguez packs his bags, kisses his wife and begins his 4,500-kilometer, 6-day journey.

On the way, the man calls the shelter daily to make sure Hockery is still with us. After a few phone calls, the shelter recognized the number and answered the question before Rodriguez asked it.

Once there, the meeting between the man and the dog was love at first sight. So they hit the road again. Cooper and Angel warmly greeted Hockery . The trio started playing without further ado as soon as the introductions were made.

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Now Hockery has become Rodriguez’s co-pilot whose job it is to travel the roads. Thanks to which the dog sees a lot of new places, landscapes and meets different animals.


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