20 funny group photos sabotaged by a loose Shiba Inu

In large families, there will always be one to rebel. As these photos of Shiba-Inu show us.

When you have several dogs at home, some will tend to imitate their peers, while others will decide to go against the grain. This is the case of Hina , a Shiba-Inu dog who decided to sabotage all the family photos with the 3 other dogs, Momo, Sacha and Kikko .

Here are 20 photos sabotaged by Hina the Shiba-Inu, taken from her mistress’s Instagram account.

1. Hina never follows the direction taken by the majority

2. No, Hina will not look at the camera

3. When everyone tries to smile for the photo, Hina sticks out her tongue

4. Obviously, if everyone is standing, Hina sits down.

5. Smiling doesn’t mean anything to him. Hina prefers to show her teeth

6. The white-robed Shiba-Inu tries to annoy his comrade and it seems to be working

7. This dog definitely has no desire to pose like everyone else

8. Everyone has their own way of smiling

9. In this photo, the dog has decided to turn his back on the lens.

10. Hina will howl like a wolf until this mania for group photos is over.

11. Since we ask him to smile, they will have to be satisfied with this grimace.

12. Howl like a wolf to disrupt the morale of the troops

13. Hina thinks she is smiling to the teeth, as asked

14. Posing on a bench in front of the lake does not interest him much

15. Pets close their eyes to activate their invisibility power, just like Hina does.

16. Their faces will never match Hina’s.

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19. Hina never looks in the same direction as the others


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