Wandering, this bitch receives the care and love she needs just in time to allow herself to give birth!

A couple of friends had the good idea to take care of a pregnant dog suffering from the scorching heat. A few days later, in fact, she gave birth to an impressive number of puppies.

Recently, Stephanie Fikes was about to walk into a store when she saw a dog in dire need of help . She was in a parking lot, where she had no way of shelter from the sun . Hungry and dehydrated, she was pregnant and therefore needed to be rescued as soon as possible, reports Bored Panda .

So Stephanie Fikes got her into her car and took her to her friend Justin Richie’s place . The dog, who they named Lil’Mama , was given food and water , as well as a comfortable bed . Which did him a lot of good.

Afterwards, Stephanie Fikes and Justin Ritchie took her to the vet . He examined her and found that, apart from a few external parasites against which she had been treated, the animal was in good health . Lil’Mama was near the end of her pregnancy and could therefore give birth overnight. In addition, she did not wear an identification chip .

They took her home, and a week later she started giving birth . Each of his saviors went there with his prognosis; Stephanie Fikes bet on 10 puppies , while Justin Ritchie predicted 8 . They were finally far from the mark, since Lil’Mama gave birth to 15 beautiful puppies , all in perfect health.

Since then, they have taken turns to help the bitch feed her young. They take care of it day and night. When they are old enough, they will be offered for adoption , just like their mother.

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You can follow their progress on their dedicated Instagram account: Lil Mama + 15 .


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