Abandoned in the park, this puppy has been adopted by a couple that he ends up surprising

In the park, a group of friends discovers a small abandoned puppy. He was then adopted by a loving couple. The young dog then grew up to surprise his family.

A group of friends were walking in the park when they discovered a tiny puppy lying on the grass . The latter got up and started chasing the group. They have thus decided that they must not leave it like this. The young dog was so thin and his general condition deteriorated .

The friends transferred the puppy to a veterinarian to check his health and scan his microchip. The doctor could not identify the dog, which prompted the young people to share his photos on social networks in order to find his family . Having received no positive feedback, they offered the puppy up for adoption .

This is where Katy and Jacob Bywater come in who were looking for a puppy to adopt . The couple took charge of the young dog they named Strider . The latter seemed very shy and hardly played , as if he didn’t know how to do it.

At the age of 10 weeks and after a visit from the vet , Strider was identified as a crossbreed of Australian Cattle Dog and Beagle . This was good news for the couple who were looking for a small dog .

As time went on, the dog’s size increased . It was clear that this is not a small hybrid. A DNA test confirmed this theory. Strider was, in fact, found to be a crossbreed of Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Australian Cattle Dog.

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Indeed, he grew up to be more outgoing and playful . He loves to run and play with his family members and accepts all kinds of toys. At night he sleeps with his parents in their room.

Despite the surprise , the couple do not want to get rid of their young dog, they adore him more and more.


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