To return home after a runaway, this dog comes home, simply by ringing the bell!

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It’s a real little feat that Marshall, a Golden Retriever puppy, has achieved. The young dog took a little getaway in the middle of the night, then went home and rang the doorbell to be let in.

Our dogs will always surprise us with their intelligence , even the youngest. Marshall’s story confirms this. What he did is quite astonishing and was immortalized by the CCTV system of the home of its owner, Greg Basel .

One evening, while Marshall’s family was sleeping , the 3-month-old Golden Retriever took it into his head to hang out outside. He moved away from his home , located in Spokane in Washington State (northwestern United States), without anyone realizing it. However, his little getaway did not last very long. No doubt seized with fear, he decided to turn back to return home, but the front door was closed . No possibility for him to find his family, still asleep, inside. Except maybe alerting them .

And that’s exactly what he did by… ringing ! It was in this way that Greg Basel realized that Marshall was outside and so hastened to open the door for him. How did the puppy know he should use the doorbell to call his family? No one knows, because he has never been trained to do it .

Fortunately, the video recorded by the surveillance camera is there to prove Marshall’s feat . In fact, it’s not a classic doorbell that the young Golden Retriever has activated, but a connected model that sends an alert to Greg’s smartphone when someone presses it. From then on, the device films what is happening behind the door. The sequence obtained (below) was shared on YouTube, where many Internet users were able to express their admiration and their amusement in front of this unusual scene.

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Some people even shared similar stories in the comments, like the owner of an 8 month old Dalmatian. The latter had escaped when they were every 2 to 6 km from their home . After looking everywhere for him, he made up his mind to go home. It was there that he found the quadruped sitting in front of the portal, wisely waiting for him

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