Choose a good dog educator

Illustration : "Choisir un bon éducateur pour chien"

how to find a good educator for your dog? What criteria should you choose based on?


asks whether you attended the meeting before the first contact in order to understand the group or individual meeting more accurately?

in any field, it is never obvious to find a trusted professional and provide truly effective services. This also applies to the search for dog educators. In order to ensure that the right choice is made and the right experts are selected, it is important to collect as much information about them as possible, observe their work and avoid educators adhering to outdated practices. If you have one or more educators in the viewfinder, the first thing you have to do is collect as much information as possible about them. Word of mouth, serious breeders and professionals throughout the canine world are potential sources of information. The Internet can also let you know the personal data of educators, especially through their own websites or customer opinions.

a real dog educator must have a gable on the street. It must have a highlighted Siret (enterprise ID) number on any communication medium and prove its certificate and history. The competency certificates issued by veterinary service organizations are also taken seriously.

a good dog educator usually has a perfect network, including veterinarians, senior breeders, dog event organizers, etc.


for the first time The first meeting with a dog educator can give you a preliminary view on his personal data and working methods.

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, he must be willing to advise you and answer all your questions. Its answer should be clear and accurate, just like the exercise it intends to do, and then you and your dog practice at home.

vague instructions are potential signs that educators do not fully grasp their own topics.

Attending a meeting will give you a more accurate understanding of

. If the educator gives you the opportunity to observe it in a meeting with other dogs, you must have knocked on the right door. This will be a good opportunity for you to understand its methods and its relationship with dog students more accurately.

a good dog educator strives to create a happy working environment for dogs to exercise in a happy environment rather than in a stressful environment.

Seeing it at work also allows you to check whether it applies specific technologies to suit each dog’s personality.

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in group or individual meetings to educate his dog? Should

prefer collective or individual dog education courses? In fact, the ideal choice is to have both. Group meetings will help your dog socialize, while separate meetings will make your dog’s learning more personalized and correct defects.


know that the vaccine must be updated before the group education meeting. Dog educators will remind you of

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