This dog with physical deformities and other illnesses overcomes many challenges on a daily basis with the support of his family

Jennifer Osbourn met Moose at a pet store in Ohio, USA, in June 2016. She instantly fell in love with this very special dog.

Despite being a supporter of adoption rather than purchase, she decided to bring Moose home, lest he be shot or abandoned.

© Jennifer Osbourn

The canine is the very image of a character from an abstract work of art: its skull, muzzle and eyes are distorted. And the list of worries is still long …

© Jennifer Osbourn

Serious health problems

According to Daily Mail , Moose was born with parts of his brain missing. He also suffers from a myriad of health conditions, including seasonal allergies causing the tear ducts in his eyelid to protrude.

His owner explained that the dog also has pain attacks. “ They affect her body and her brain, and have left her whole body to contract and make her mouth foam. Although he is taking specific treatment to treat this ailment, Moose continues to have seizures from time to time. These can sometimes last for hours.

© Jennifer Osbourn

© Jennifer Osbourn

Trials Moose never faces alone

Despite the many difficulties that the quadruped has faced so far, he remains a cheerful and loyal companion.

© Jennifer Osbourn

© Jennifer Osbourn

And his health comes at a price. $ 2,000 (€ 1,700): this is the amount of veterinary fees that his family must pay each year.

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© Jennifer Osbourn

Although every day is a new challenge, Moose and Jennifer are the joy of living embodied. Moose knows he can always count on loving members of his household.


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