Russia: Dog seriously injured after fighting with wolf, narrowly saved by vets

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Recovered by a local, a stray dog suffered serious injuries after a fight he had with a wolf. The quadruped was taken care of by vets just in time to be rescued. Funds must be collected to ensure its treatment.

A wolf and a stray dog fought a few days ago in Russia, which resulted in the latter suffering quite serious injuries , as reported by Sputnik News .

The incident took place on the night of 1 March 2, at the village of Pajga in the Komi Republic (Republic as part of the Russian Federation and in the northwest of the country). The injured dog was subsequently discovered by a resident . The latter only succeeded in recovering it after several hours of effort, the animal not having allowed itself to be approached.

The young man immediately contacted a local animal shelter , then the dog was taken to a veterinary clinic where he underwent emergency surgery. He suffered from serious injuries to the abdomen and neck . He probably wouldn’t have survived if he had been discovered and taken care of a little later.

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The dog should therefore recover, but he still needs treatment . The shelter opened a pot in an attempt to raise enough funds to treat him properly. It will then be a question of finding him a foster or adoptive family , when his state of health allows it.

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