19 photos of dogs making the most of the sun and warm sand

These dogs had the chance to go to the beach and they are fully enjoying the moment. Their happy faces are the best proof of this.

Our 4-legged friends also know how to enjoy the holidays, especially when they take place at the seaside. The beach, the hot sand, the sun, the sea air and the water do them the greatest good. and they give it to their heart’s content.

The images below remind us that it would be a shame to deprive our dogs of the joys of the beach and of vacations in general.

Here are 19 photos of dogs having a wonderful time at the sea.

1. A tennis ball and the beach … This Golden Retriever could not ask for a better way to end the day

3. Louie is not unhappy either. She takes a little break in the shade before diving back

4. A sunset by the sea is even better when you are surrounded by those you love

5. Swimming is this dog’s favorite time

6. These friends intend to enjoy it until the evening

7. His first day at the beach was a complete success, and he wants more!

8. He doesn’t seem in a rush to dry off

9. This Beagle is delighted to have found the perfect cove

10. He begs his owner to let him have some more fun

11. He would like to get back into the water as soon as possible

12. He’s so happy he feels like he’s floating in the air

13. Great first at the beach for this German Shepherd too. It will certainly not be the last

14. There is nothing more enjoyable than a good nap by the sea

15. This dog with a paralyzed rear end comes to the beach both for fun and for his physiotherapy sessions.

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17. Stand aside! The arrow is coming …

18. He has everything you need to be happy

19. The sun is strong, but she is happy


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