Afghanistan: former British soldier Paul Farthing and his animals have landed in the United Kingdom, but must respect a quarantine of 4 months


After scrambling to evacuate a hundred dogs and cats by plane from Afghanistan, Paul Farthing and his protégés finally landed in the United Kingdom. But the returnees are not at the end of their sentence. They face a long period of quarantine, the outcome of which could be fatal for some…

When the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, Paul Farthing, a former member of the British naval infantry, worried about the fate of the dogs and cats in his shelter, as well as that of his team members. The fundamentalist movement was intransigent: their departure from the territory had to take place before August 31.”

This ultimatum caused many cold sweats to the ex-soldier, whose greatest fear was to have the animals euthanized, if no repatriation solution was found. Fortunately, the group benefited from a favorable wind narrowly. The 94 dogs and 79 cats managed to climb onto a chartered plane and landed at Heathrow Airport on Sunday morning, Daily Star reports.

But for Paul Farthing, this is a half-hearted victory…


Mixed feelings

In addition to his furry protégés, the ex-sailor shotman tried to take his staff and family. But the convoy was turned back by the Taliban, while it was 300 meters inside the perimeter of Kabul airport, reveals The Sun. Some of them came with me to the airport, but they were not allowed to cross the line between the Taliban and British control,” Farthing said. There were a lot of tears when we said goodbye.”

Jerome Starkey / The Sun

After this painful separation, he arrived on British territory experiencing mixed feelings. Although he feels very sad for them, he is also happy and relieved for the animals. But their odyssey is far from over.”

Nowzad / PA

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Even though weapons and violence are now far behind them, another thorn has sunk into their flesh. The 173 dogs and cats must respect a quarantine of 4 months. The creatures were brought to safety in shelters. However, if some survivors test positive for diseases such as rabies, they could be euthanized.”

The animals, given what they have experienced, are on the whole in good shape, nevertheless assured a veterinarian.”

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