A revolution in your supermarket in the kibble section of your dog or cat: premium recipes at low prices

Giving your pet top-of-the-range food while preserving its wallet is the daring gamble that the creators of the Nood brand have undertaken.

For the well-being and health of your dog or cat , specialists often advise to opt for premium foods . However, these products are much more expensive than the entry or mid-range ones, which considerably reduces the budget allocated to the pet.

At Nood , they believe that feeding your companion well could be done while reconciling his expenses . By creating this brand of kibble , the group bringing together experts in animal nutrition and entrepreneurs passionate about animals wanted to offer recipes both of premium quality , at low prices and available in supermarkets .

This is how their range of dry food for dogs and cats was born, offering varied flavors , carefully selected ingredients and optimal traceability.

French production, transparency and quality guaranteed

The ingredients , in fact, come from local suppliers and the production is 100% French . The main components are fresh meats (chicken, beef) and fish (salmon) expertly supplemented with superfoods , vitamins and minerals to constitute complete , balanced and tasty recipes.

Everything is guaranteed without preservatives , coloring or artificial flavors for the benefits and pleasure are total.

The positioning and strategy of Nood croquettes has already proven itself internationally, with success in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. On the strength of this global experience, the brand intends to ride on this success while adapting to the expectations of the French.

A committed and united brand

Along with its commitment to quality and accessible food , the brand is also leading another with pets that need help . Thanks to her food donations , she feeds 50 dogs every month at the refuge of the association AVA (Aide à la Vie Animale).

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The Nood cakes will be available from August 1 in Carrefour stores and online at carrefour.fr.


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