A dog discovers, with his paw, the joys of the switch to turn off or turn on the light. Happy with this new power, he can’t stop!

When Slug realized that she could control the turning on and off of the light, she never stopped playing with the switch. The video showing her in action amused many Internet users on Twitter.

As Unilad tells us, Slug lives with his mistress, Natalie Hart , in the county of Cornwall, in the south-west of England. The latter told the funny anecdote that led her dog to discover the use of the switch of one of the lamps in the house, via a video posted on Twitter on August 19.

That night, a fly had invited over to their house and Slug was determined to catch it . The flying insect then landed on the switch of the lamp and, wanting to put its paw on it, the bitch pressed the button and the night light was thus extinguished . Surprised, Slug barked and aimed, before tapping the switch again, turning the light back on. Again, the bitch was not expecting it .

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She spent the evening turning the lamp on and off, growling and barking every time, according to her owner. She even completely forgot about the fly , which was at the origin of her great discovery.


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