Moved by the fate of the dogs victims of Hurricane Delta, he welcomes 300 and transforms his home into a refuge!

Because there was not enough room for all the animals in the sanctuary he had founded, a Mexican decided to accommodate 300 in his own home in order to protect them from a terrible hurricane.

Hurricane Delta recently hit Mexico, but also the American coasts, in particular Louisiana, causing significant damage .

The Tierra des Animales refuge , located in the Mexican city of Cancun , was hit hard by the strong winds caused by the cyclone. Created 9 years ago by Ricardo Pimentel , it houses hundreds of animals . Dogs , “ but also cats, turtles, iguanas, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, donkeys, etc. », Specifies the founder.

As the hurricane approached the Mexican coast, Ricardo Pimentel thought about a way to protect all the residents, knowing that there was not enough shelter to withstand such weather conditions. He then decided to take 300 dogs into his home, in his own house.

The huge pack of canines therefore spent the night at the home of their benefactor, who was delighted to have saved them and that everything went very well . “They behaved very well throughout the night the meteorological phenomenon took place. They are all sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed. Most of them are ready for adoption, ”he told Bored Panda .

The man also confided that rescuing animals is a real vocation for him, that he has been doing this since his childhood .

Its sanctuary functions mainly thanks to donations . It will need it more now, after the destruction of a large part of its structures.

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