Young man risks his life to save dog from drowning in frozen lake

Seeing a dog struggling in a frozen lake, a jogger did not hesitate to dive into very cold water to rescue him. Despite his courageous gesture, the young man does not consider himself a hero. Thanks to him, the canine could be returned safe and sound to its family.

Last weekend, 2 friends who were running passed near a frozen lake in Pontefract , West Yorkshire County (England), when they saw movement there .

One of them, who goes by the name of Darcy Bell , decided to retrace his steps to see what was going on. It was there that he realized that a dog was in danger of drowning in it . He had fallen into the lake, the surface of which was covered with a thin layer of ice, and could no longer regain the shore .

Its owners, who took it for a walk, helplessly witnessed the animal’s distress. Other passers-by had stopped, but the canine was too far away for them to intervene.

Darcy Bell , 31, then dived to save him . After joining the dog, he helped him get back to dry land by pushing him, as reported by the Daily Mirror .

The scene was filmed by a resident, Paula Town , who later posted the video on Facebook .

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He also suggests the installation of safety barriers around the lake to prevent this type of incident from happening again.


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