Firefighters try to extract cat stuck in tiny waste pipe with jackhammer (Video)

In Canada, firefighters used a jackhammer to pierce the concrete floor and rescue a young cat stuck in a pipe. It took several hours of work to free the animal, which was seen by a veterinarian in the process.

Yesterday Sunday (January 17, 2021), a resident of Victoria in the province of British Columbia (Western Canada) called the firefighters to help her cat Willow . Emma Hutchinson was extremely worried about her pet, trapped in a drain in the basement of her house, as reported by CBC .

Captain Tim Hanley and 3 of his colleagues arrived at the scene. The owner explained to them that she managed to pinpoint the location of the 9 month old cat using her pipe inspection camera . The firefighters used it in turn and could indeed see the animal which remained silent .

Willow was in a narrow duct 10cm in diameter , three feet deep . To rescue her, Captain Hanley’s team had to drill through the six- inch-thick concrete floor. Fortunately, the hostess had all the necessary equipment, including weights and a jackhammer. The firefighters used it and, after 2 hours of effort , managed to recover the feline unharmed .

Moved to tears, Emma Hutchinson hastened to take Willow to the vet . The latter reassured her after examining the animal, which simply needed to be cleaned and rehydrated .

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