By adopting this dog, he was far from suspecting how endearing and attached he was!

To say Stanley is an endearing dog is not just a picture. This quadruped, in fact, always seeks to stay in physical contact with the one who had adopted him from a New Zealand refuge when he was still a very young puppy.

Sam Clarence lives in Christchurch , New Zealand. The young man used to work as a volunteer at a shelter in the city. He was responsible in particular for walking the dogs to allow them to stretch their legs and get some fresh air on a daily basis, as reported by The Dodo .

A year and a half ago, she was asked to look after one of the 2 6 month old puppies discovered abandoned on a property with their mother .

From their first meeting, Sam Clarence knew immediately that the young animal in question, named Stanley , was going to stay by his side for much more than a few weeks . A feeling that has only grown stronger day by day. The dog quickly became attached to him and never missed an opportunity to express his gratitude to him for sheltering, feeding, caring for and protecting him.

From a fearful and shy quadruped, he has turned into a real pot of glue , constantly needing to feel physically connected to his daddy. He has, in fact, acquired the habit of touching it continuously , if only by placing his paw on his hand . When Sam moves or moves away a little bit, Stanley immediately joins him to maintain contact.

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Sam takes him regularly to discover magnificent natural sites, between rivers, lakes and beaches. Stanley enjoys frolicking around it happily as much as the car journeys leading up to it, as he can then sit quietly in the passenger seat and keep his paw on his daddy the entire way.


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