Tied to a fence, an abandoned and hungry dog discovers happiness thanks to the members of an association

No one knows how long this bitch was wandering outside dragging her heavy chain. Fortunately, his ordeal ended thanks to the members of a local association. They released her, treated her, and then found her a loving family.

In Saint Louis in the State of Missouri (Midwestern United States), the team of an animal protection association had been alerted about a stray dog who still had her chain around her neck . Upon arriving at the scene, people from Stray Rescue of St. Louis found her hiding behind a car.

The bitch was indeed dragging a heavy chain , due to which her head was permanently lowered, reports Animal Channel . Besides, she was very thin . They tried to entice her with food , but, even though she was hungry , the bitch was too scared to approach them. Their patience paid off, however, and they managed to get her into their vehicle to take her to the shelter .

As soon as they arrived at their premises, the volunteers removed the chain from him . The latter weighed more than 4 kg, or nearly a third of the animal’s weight. Freed from her burden , the dog clearly expressed her relief and immediately began to show her gratitude and affection to those around her. She understood that her ordeal was coming to an end and that she was now in good hands .

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis team gave it the name Fallon Marie . She comforted, fed and cared for her. This allowed him to regain his health and regain all his zest for life .

The rescue took place in the spring of 2018. A year later, the association gave its news via its Facebook page. She has, in fact, announced that Fallon Marie had just been adopted . She was able to join her new family , including 2 other dogs .

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