Dog’s fear of cars

Illustration : "La peur des voitures chez le chien"

some dogs panic when they see a car passing, while others can’t stand it. Both situations have problems, but they are not inevitable. You can solve this problem through work and patience.

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understand car fear and help your dog overcome car fear

you can’t blame dogs who are afraid of cars. These gears are unnatural. Their bodies, sounds and smells are completely different from what they should know. Therefore, it is entirely understandable that they feel uncomfortable in front of the vehicle, but it can help them accept it. Now, we must distinguish between the fear of seeing or passing a car and the fear of traveling in a car. In both cases, constant companionship and a correct understanding of their psychology can help these dogs overcome fear.

understands car fear

some dogs panic when they see a car passing while walking. They scream, lie down, refuse to move forward, or pull their belts in the opposite direction. The screaming and fast passing of the engine scared away these puppies, and the smell of exhaust gas can not solve the problem. On the contrary,


can have a variety of reasons for their fear of cars: trauma (accident) of course, but also changes in their living environment The dog lived in a quiet place and the family moved to the city … people may think that this fear is beneficial because it can prevent the dog from risking his life when approaching the vehicle, but it becomes a problem when it creates a real obstacle and makes any road crossing difficult or impossible.

helps the dog overcome its

Some dogs are even afraid of parked cars. In this case, you can use a small dose to help them overcome their fear. For example, it is recommended to park the dog far enough in front of the vehicle to keep it quiet, and then slowly approach the vehicle. Then, you can put your hand on the vehicle to let the animal know that there is no risk, and then give it time to walk and take Kangnai. When he does this, he will get a systematic reward and give him a candy. Over time, he will understand that he has no reason to be afraid of a parked car.

For animals in motion, this is another pair of sleeves and a similar gait. Similarly, this is a problem of facing animal fear in a gradual way.

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. The first step is to adapt it to engine noise. Ideally, you can start with its flower garden (or friend’s) if he can welcome the car so that he can run the engine (don’t start the engine in his presence for the first time) and approach it very slowly with a tied dog.

First, let him have time to sit and observe the vehicle within an appropriate distance. Once he calms down, we will give him a candy and congratulations, and then gradually shorten the distance during the treatment. If the dog’s fear disappears, we can continue to the next step, in Outside, such as in a busy street. This is always to reassure him, but don’t go too far, so as not to make him believe that he is right. Every progress, dog DThe ILO is systematically rewarded and congratulated.

car fear

another canine fear related to cars is also often encountered; It mainly happens to animals that have not been used to since childhood. The focus here is not on motion sickness (or motion sickness), which is largely physiological, but psychological disorders related to staying or moving in the car.


also read that it is important to manage human fear in dogs


and help dogs overcome this fear, Connect driving with some interesting things, so as to connect with a destination: parks, beaches, forests, villages… But before that, dogs must agree to ride horses. Steps that take at least a few days. You can throw your favorite toy into the car. It is suggested to open all the doors so that she can move up and down as she likes to avoid being imprisoned. Then we got on the bus, encouraged him to play in the car in turn and gave him some candy.

in the next few classes, we began to get used to standing in the car with the engine running. Then, it will be a small trip (let a close person drive so that he can get close to the dog, reassure the dog and prevent it from making any sudden movements in panic), for example, walk around the block before extending the trip. “

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