Withdrawn from its owners who kept it locked in a box, this dog rediscovers the joys of freedom from its first race!

As soon as he was untied in the garden of the refuge, Ty the dog started running and jumping all over the place. A freedom he had been deprived of for quite some time.

For Ty , a 7-year-old dog , everything was going pretty well with his old family. Things took a different, much sadder turn when he started destroying all kinds of things around the house. Rather than seeing a specialist and trying to correct this behavioral disorder , his owners preferred to lock him up .

The animal was, in fact, kept in its cage day and night , as reported by The Dodo . His masters ended up making the decision to separate from him . They contacted the local RSPCA , and Cara Gibbon , a member of the British association, went to get him.

When she brought him to the RSPCA refuge, located in Coventry in central England, she first let him stretch his paws in the establishment’s fenced garden. As soon as she untied it , the quadruped gave it to their heart’s content. It was clear that he was happy to finally be able to run and play freely .

It was lovely to see him enjoy the freedom and the fresh air ,” says Cara Gibbon . Ty did sprints on the grass, rolled around on the piles of leaves, and had fun with the toys like he probably never had in his life.

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The volunteers took care of him and worked to readjust his behavior , before setting out to find a new loving family .


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