15 dog photos where owners wonder what’s on their minds

It is not always easy to understand what is going on in your dog’s head. These photos show them acting in strange ways.

It happens that our friends the dogs transform to become a kind of UFO. When such a thing happens, their owners can then witness a strange posture , a look that leaves you doubtful or even a totally strange attitude.

Here are 15 photos of dogs that have left their owners in awe.

1. Why would a dog start to lick a notebook while lying down is a question we have no answer to?

2. This Bulldog thinks he’s the greatest actor on earth. Here he is playing dead in the hope of landing a role in the cinema

3. This old Labrador has changed his habits a lot recently

4. This Husky seems to want to cool off in contact with the cold tiles.

5. What could this Dachshund have seen flying in the sky?

6. This big dog decided to live with his head upside down

7. He prefers to play in the snow than to stay warm.

8. This Pitbull has things to say to his owner, things so urgent that he didn’t have time to walk on the ground. He had to take a short cut and go through the wall

9. Classic sitting postures are has-been

10. This Pug decided to become an ostrich

11. In the space of a few minutes, the games in the park turn this all-white Samoyed into a dog in urgent need of a bath.

12. He thinks he’s the keeper of the dishwasher

13. His owner has no idea why his dog looks at him that way, but it is clear that he intends to lecture him on certain subjects.

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14. Fatigue seized him suddenly as he played placing his tennis balls on his bed.

15. He finally managed to capture his nemesis who is none other than his own tail


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