A man jumps into the water to try to save his dog trapped in the mouth of an alligator! (Video)

Attacked by a young alligator, a dog was saved thanks to his master, who intervened quickly by jumping into the water. The scene was filmed.

Richard Willbanks was very afraid for his dog , who could well have stayed there . The 74-year-old man has indeed saved his 4-legged companion from the fangs of an alligator , as reported by Le Journal de Montréal .

The reptilian grabbed the small dog and dragged it into the pond, but the canine owner jumped into the water to catch up with him. In the video recorded via Richard Willbanks’ phone, left a few meters away, we can hear Gunner’s cries of distress , the grunts of the reptile and the master’s, trying with all his might to loosen his jaw . He finally manages to open his mouth and free the dog.

Fortunately, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel escaped unharmed . According to his master, he nevertheless retains a trauma vis-à-vis the water from his misadventure.

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Richard Willbanks’ home is near a wildlife conservation p ark. Signs installed in the area indicate the presence of alligators and snakes, while recalling that it is forbidden to venture into water points and to feed wild animals.


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