Rescue of a dog who was waiting desperately on the porch of his house for his owners to come back …

The founder of a shelter intervened to recover a dog who, for many weeks, had been waiting for the door to his house to be opened to her. Except that his masters had long since deserted the place, abandoning him to his sad fate …

All the abandonments break the hearts of those who subsequently discover a dog more sad than ever at this unexpected separation. Cupid has waited weeks for his masters to return. Alas, he never saw them again. He thought he was doing well by patiently waiting in front of the porch of what he considered to be his home. She was. Until its owners decide to move . By the same token abandoning their dog .

Faced with this sad spectacle, residents joined Janine Guido , founder of Speranza Animal Rescue , a refuge in Pennsylvania. She confirmed the information to The Dodo: “ All I was told was that the owners moved out and left it behind. When she arrived there, she wanted to approach Cupid , who was trying to take refuge in his home , which was double locked.

A dog who knew how to listen and come to his senses

Then he fled. Fortunately, Janine was able to find him . She took several minutes to gain his trust . She kept saying things were going to get better. “ It sounds silly, but I swear he knew what I was telling him. He walked over to me and sat down. All Janine had to do was give her a leash .

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