Élisa Pilarski case: 1 week after the results of the DNA tests, Christophe Ellul claims that his dog Curtis is innocent!

BFMTV / YouTube

During a press conference held a week after the publication of the DNA results, Christophe Ellul said he was still convinced of the innocence of Curtis, incriminated by them. He promises to continue the fight.

The recent developments in the Elisa Pilarski affair seemed to overwhelm Curtis , the dog who accompanied the victim at the time of the tragedy which occurred on November 16, 2019 in the forest of Retz (Aisne).

Only the Pitbull’s DNA was found on the body and clothing of the 29-year-old. In addition, the DNA of his mistress had been found in traces of blood on the lips and the right eye of the canine.

An announcement preceded by another, also unfavorable to Curtis . These were the results of an expertise carried out by 2 veterinarians mandated by justice, and according to which the fatal injuries suffered by Elisa Pilarski could only correspond to the jaw of the dog of the couple she formed with Christophe Ellul .

A week later, the latter reacted by giving a press conference , as reported by BFMTV . Alongside his lawyer , Me Alexandre Novion , the man reiterated his conviction that Curtis was innocent .

He explained that he was leading this fight for Elisa Pilarski , Enzo (the child of the couple she was carrying), the mother of the victim and the truth . He promised that he would go after him and that he would “ take this masquerade apart ”.

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Here is the full press conference of Christophe Ellul :


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