On a mission to save thirty dogs, they end up rescuing more than 180 Yorkshires in a home!

By working with a senior couple who had found themselves overwhelmed by the number of dogs living under their roof, the volunteers expected to save 30 of them. It turned out that there were 6 times as many.

We talk about Noah’s syndrome when a person accumulates animals in their home, ending up with an unmanageable number as they reproduce. A chaotic situation, the consequences of which are unfortunate both on the owner and on the animals themselves. In California, the San Diego Humane Society dealt with a typical case of Noah’s syndrome, as reported by The Dodo .

An elderly couple had called the association for help, saying they were breeding around 30 Yorkshire Terrier dogs . Upon arriving at the scene, however, the volunteers realized that there were actually 92 to be saved. The house was literally saturated with canines. The latter lived in very bad conditions .

The quadrupeds received care , grooming and attention from volunteers and vets . Their condition has improved considerably. However, the San Diego Humane Society later discovered that the couple had hidden more dogs on another property, as well as in an RV. In addition, bitches had given birth in the meantime. In total, therefore, the number of rescued dogs was finally 183 .

New facts which gave rise to lawsuits , although the latter had not been initially considered due to the cooperation of the owners. They pleaded guilty to negligence and were subject to a 10-year ban from keeping animals .

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Thanks to the intervention of the San Diego Humane Society , Yorkshire Terriers were, for the most part, adopted quite quickly. Others had to wait a little longer, as they needed more care.


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