canine distemper


disorder is a very common ophthalmic disease. It is characterized by abnormal eyelashes in the eyebrow gland, which can be asymptomatic or symptomatic.

distichosis is mainly seen in boxers, English Bulldogs, poodles, Spanish cocks, golden retrievers, Beijingers and stones. In the following article, the symptoms of this disease and possible treatments.


this eyelash disease affecting dog species is characterized by abnormal position (abnormal implantation of eyelashes into the inner edge of the eyelid) It is usually inherited and may be associated with strabismus or cardiac abnormalities. It may exist from birth or later. The eyelashes coming out of the tarsal gland hole may be thin, hard or thick. The disease may be asymptomatic or accompanied by symptoms, which vary with the number and size of eyelashes. Here are some indicative signs:

photophobia: it is characterized by increased sensitivity to light. It is the cause of visual discomfort and eye problems. Metaphor: it is characterized by moisture on the edge of eyelids and inner corners of eyes and excessive tears. Blepharospasm: involuntary muscle contraction, such as repeated uncontrolled eyelid blinking. Eyelid blinking may be a symptom of eye pain. Corneal lesions: such as keratitis, pigmentation and corneal ulcer. The latter is characterized by material loss of corneal thickness and may even lead to perforation of the ocular surface. Conjunctiva redness and thickening… According to the development of eyelash lesions, there are a variety of treatment methods to choose from. However, it is possible to develop new abnormal eyelashes, so an additional method of care is needed. These interventions include

cryotherapy: a cold therapy. It includes applying cold to the affected area to reduce pain, reduce swelling, and subside the hematoma. Electrolysis: destroy hair follicles by applying low current under anesthesia. Eyelash depilation. operation.

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